Information and updates regarding Micro Class World Championship 2019

Trip to Orava Castle

Accept our invitation to visit one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia. It is free of charge for all competitors.

The bus will leave at 4.00 PM on Wednesday from the marina.*

Orava Castle, built on a rock above the river Orava in Oravský Podzámok like an “eagle nest”, is one of the greatest tourist attractions of northern Slovakia. It was built in the place of an older wooden hillfort after the Tartar invasion in 1241. Through the following centuries, this small fortress transformed into an extensive castle structure with 154 rooms. The castle then held the position of a county castle with the seat of Orava administration headquarters that controlled almost the whole Orava region. Both the exterior and the interior of the castle carry the elements of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and even contemporary architecture. Castle’s development is therefore an on-going process.

*All competitors and friends interested may attend the trip based on the prior registration in the race office.

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Let your kids experience sailing

Families with small children will have an unique opportunity to find out, if they are raising a new sailing star. There will be optimist class boats ready for children from the age of 5 accompanied by professional trainers. However, everybody can try handling this one-sail boat.

Optimist dinghy

There will be 3 race optimists available + 3 training ones. If interested, your child will be briefed by a trainer, who will be present on the boat or on a nearby motor boat.

Kids older than 5 years can try sailing

The single sail of the Optimist is sprit-rigged. Two battens stiffen the leech. It is secured evenly with ties along the luff to the mast and along the foot to the boom, pulled down tightly by a vang/kicker. The light, slim third spar, the sprit, extends through a loop at the peak of the sail; the bottom rests in the eye of a short cable or string which hangs along the front edge of the mast. Raising and lowering the sprit and adjusting the boom vang allow for adaptation of sail trim to a range of wind conditions. Similarly, the Optimist has a small string outhaul on the end of the boom. It is usually correct to tighten the boomvang, outhaul, and sprit in heavy winds and loosen them in light winds. As well as this, huge adjustments can be made to sail shape, due to all of the ties running along the mast and boom.

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Trophies are waiting

The unique hand-made trophies for all classes are already waiting for you. Instead of having cups, plates or other generic plaques, we decided to create something extra.

Custom made trophies for Micro World Championship 2019

As you probably know, logo of the event is inspired by Krivan peak of High Tatras, which is dominating the panorama view from the lake of Liptovska Mara.

The logo is used for top part of the trophy, showing the Krivan peak and Micro class logo underneath. The logo is precisely cut from metal and cured to reach its black look.

Cutting of the metal parts with water jet.

The base of the trophy is made from Oak wood with laser imprinted labels. And completed trophies are now waiting for you. So, what do you think?

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RENTED / Micro Class Cruiser available for charter

If you would like to come to the championship, but you don’t have a boat, you may be interested. One of our friends can’t come to the championship, so he offers his boat for chartering.

Available for charter

The cruiser comes with full set of dacron sails. It is available on trailer for pickup in Zilina (approx 1 hour drive from marina). If needed, we can arrange the transfer.

Charter fee: 250€

If you are interested, contact me at

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33 crews from 10 nations already registered

It’s still 6 weeks until the Micro Class World Championship in Slovakia will start, but we already have crews registered from 10 countries. Sailors will compete in all divisions, with 8 cruisers, 6 racers and 19 protos already registered.

We are already finishing the preparations and working hard to fully enjoy the week of sailing on Liptovska mara. If you plan to come and you are not yet registered, do it as soon as possible on our website.

33 boats from 10 countries are already registered

Also, don’t forget to book your accommodation. Liptov is one of the most favourite region for holidays in Slovakia, so it can be hard to find some room later in summer. You can still find some accommodation right in the marina, or look on other sites. More information is available on accommodation part of website.

One of the luxury villas available directly in the Marina Liptov
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