Let your kids experience sailing

Families with small children will have an unique opportunity to find out, if they are raising a new sailing star. There will be optimist class boats ready for children from the age of 5 accompanied by professional trainers. However, everybody can try handling this one-sail boat.

Optimist dinghy

There will be 3 race optimists available + 3 training ones. If interested, your child will be briefed by a trainer, who will be present on the boat or on a nearby motor boat.

Kids older than 5 years can try sailing

The single sail of the Optimist is sprit-rigged. Two battens stiffen the leech. It is secured evenly with ties along the luff to the mast and along the foot to the boom, pulled down tightly by a vang/kicker. The light, slim third spar, the sprit, extends through a loop at the peak of the sail; the bottom rests in the eye of a short cable or string which hangs along the front edge of the mast. Raising and lowering the sprit and adjusting the boom vang allow for adaptation of sail trim to a range of wind conditions. Similarly, the Optimist has a small string outhaul on the end of the boom. It is usually correct to tighten the boomvang, outhaul, and sprit in heavy winds and loosen them in light winds. As well as this, huge adjustments can be made to sail shape, due to all of the ties running along the mast and boom.